The Most Advanced Cloud ERP For Health, Safety & Environment business concerns

Why choose Pilot?

The Pilot ERP offers critical modules that can be scaled to the level and scope of your operations. Whether you are a lean start up or a mature multinational, the Pilot ERP has been designed to cater your HSE requirements


Observer Module

The Observer module gives your employees web and mobile platforms to report observations, assign actions to authorized parties and track these actions to closure. Administrators are able to visualize and report out analytics of your organizations performance.


Waste Module

Pilot’s Waste ERP module allows you to measure, record, report and track waste streams generated by your business. Employees can access and record entries from web and mobile platforms. Visualization and performance trending are also available within the waste module.


Energy Module

Pilot’s Energy Module allows your organization and employees to capture energy consumed in the cause of executing your company business. The emissions impact of your organizations energy consumption is also available within the Energy Module.


A plan for everyone

Basic Modules

  • Observer Module
  • Energy Module
  • Waste Module
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